Blessing From Above - Oils by Wang Mo Ping

Event Name : 王模平油画个展- 上 天 的 赐 福 Event Start Date : 08 - Aug - 2013 Event End Date : 19 - Aug - 2013 Event Location : 1 North Bridge Road, #B1-09 High Street Centre, Singapore 17
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王模平油画个展- 上 天 的 赐 福
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1 North Bridge Road, #B1-09 High Street Centre, Singapore 179094
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Wang Moping, Professional Artist and Member of Singapore Art Society, migrated to Singapore in 2001. He was an Associate Professor at the Hubei Academy of Fine Arts from 1995-2003 and lectured at Nanyang Academy of Fine Art from 2002-2006. His art works have been collected by local and overseas galleries and private collectors. In this art exhibition entitled “BLESSINGS FROM ABOVE”, Mo Ping uses 35 pieces of oil paintings to express his love for nature and his gratitude to God, who has given mankind His blessings; which include the artist’s creations too. This exhibition showcases scenes close to the heart of the artist. Fruits, flowers in bloom, kampong scenery are creatively expressed through the unique language of the artist. 
王模平原中国湖北美术学院副教授, 2004年定居新加坡,曾在南洋艺术学院纯美书系担任讲师. 目前是全职画家, 从事绘画30多年, 作品多次获奖, 被世界各地的私人及机构收藏, 此次展出的油画 作品有 35幅. 王模平先生给这次的画展起名为《上天的赐福》表达了自己从心灵的深处因对自然的热爱而生发的感恩.感恩的果实就是他如源泉涌流的作品. 大自然是上天给人类的祝福, 而他的作品也是上天给世人的祝福.此次画家用他的真情实感, 纯熟的绘画技法描绘出原生态的水果树木、花卉及甘榜风情, 画作语言鲜明, 极具特点,给当今的油画带来一阵清风.

                       Artworks display .                                                           The exhibition gallery.                                           Our GOH, Dr. Ho Kah Leong signing the guest book.
Wang Mo Ping, Terence Chow, Ho Kah Leong, Ho Ho Ying     Artist giving his speech for the opening ceremony.             Artist and his students and their parents.
Howard. (From left to right)


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