Why Lease Art ???
Art leasing allows you to refresh your surroundings as often as every three months.
DaTang Fine Arts Enterprise Pte. Ltd. aims to Harmonise your Habitat with Art, creating a welcoming environment for visitors, soothing patients, stimulating conversation among colleagues as well as increasing work productivity. It’s a great way to encourage and support the arts and diversity. In addition, we also strive to Enhance the appreciation and love of arts in families and business by Connecting them with fine arts.
“An office or a home without fine arts, is like a body with a soul. Fine arts is just like good music, which is refreshing to the soul.” (Howard Yu, Founder of  DaTang Fine Arts Enterprise Pte. Ltd. )
You can select our wide ranging of artworks which suit your taste and budget. We could also customise to your special needs.

  • Leasing contracts are for 3 month increments.
  • After 3 months, you can purchase the work, continue to rent, select new work or terminate the rental contract.
  • 70% of the rental fee could be used to offset the purchase price.

Leasing payments may be deducted as operating expenses .

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