Recapturing Serenity - Watercolour Art Exhibition by Goh Siew Guan

Event Name : 重 现 静 谧 - 吴 瑞 源 水 彩 画 展 Event Start Date : 02 - Nov - 2013 Event End Date : 12 - Nov - 2013 Event Location : 1 North Bridge Road, #B1-09 High Street Centre, Singapore 17
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重 现 静 谧 - 吴 瑞 源 水 彩 画 展
Period :
11 days
Start Date :
End Date :
Address 1 :
1 North Bridge Road, #B1-09 High Street Centre, Singapore 179094
(65) 82685299 / (65) 63339628
Mr.Goh Siew Guan, 1942, Singaporean. He was a full time art teacher in school for a few decades, specializes in watercolour painting. He is apt at painting landscape, trees and rocks, these are his forte. He has mastered the technique of water colour and able to express his mind with water colour in any objects. In particular, he uses the technique of blanking and lifting out meticulously. Looking at his paintings, you will be intrigued by the way he depicts boughs and twigs as well as the rugged rocks. Siew Guan travels around the world to experience the nature, all these places create a deep bonding between nature and his heart. He is mesmerized by nature, especially forests, boulders, undergrowth, streams and rivers, all uniquely crafted, as if being specially manicured by a Master Naturalist. He will be presenting fifty pieces of artworks in this exhibition.
吴瑞源,1942年出生,新加坡公民。画家在教育部担任美术教师数十年之久,退休后,有了更多的时间去作画。画家擅长水彩画,多以风景为题材,画面清新,水份或均匀柔和,或淋满尽致;留白处留得恰当,增加画面的变化与美感。细看他拿手画的树和石头,便可得到印证。生活于城市化的环境中,画家时常在寻找难得的“静谧”,由于居住在中部地区,自然而然地庇亚士,麦里芝蓄水池都成为首选的地方;岛屿俱乐部旁的Tree Top Walk更具乡间气息,那里有茂密的热带雨林,碗蜓的小溪流,空气中那种清新的气息更让画家流连忘返。到国外去,画家也同样地去寻找自己心目中的一方乐土,如:瑞士,纽西兰的宁静乡间;中国云南的风土人情和自然风光;马来西亚笨珍和龟咯的渔村,屡屡令画家驻足而不忍离去。画家欣赏自然界的一景一物,尤其对树木,岩石,丛草,河川……都有深厚的感情。很自然地,这些素材都走入吴瑞源的画中,而其创作过程也注入了个人的情感和热爱。
You are cordially invited to attend the
official opening ceremony of
Goh Siew Guan
2nd Solo Watercolour Art Exhibition
On 2nd November 2013 (Saturday) at 1.00pm
The Ceremony Will Be Officiated By
Dr. Ho Kah Leong
President of Singapore Arts Federation
谨订于2013年11月2日 星期六下午一点正
诚邀    台端届时出席观礼与赏画

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