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Dynasties Antique & Art Gallery

Da Tang Fine Arts Singapore has been richly blessed by the professional experience and extensive collection from its first-generation company - Dynasties Antique & Art Gallery. Enabling us to offer you the best experience in†Art for d√©cor, investment† and charity. Our art collection include masterpieces from Choo Keng Kwang, Liu Kang, Lim Tze Ping, Li Shu Ji and other famous local and foreign artists.† With more than 5000 pieces of artworks to mesmerise you !

Since the established of Dynasties Antique & Art Gallery in 1990, it has hosted more than 300 art exhibitions in Singapore and overseas. Through the foresight of its founders, Mr. Johnny Yu and Mdm. Chiang Yit Cheng †, many artists have been greatly uplifted by their art exhibitions. Several of them have achieved international recognition through auctions and organizational collections. And their artworks have greatly appreciated in value! Indeed, great news for the artis ..
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Posted: 15/03/2014