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Event Name : 胡鸿明先生遗作展 Event Start Date : 14 - Sep - 2015 Event End Date : 20 - Oct - 2015 Event Location : 1 Coleman Street, #B1-31 The Adelphi, Singapore 179803 Hits: 4391
We present to you Mr Aw Hong Meng, a Singaporean Artist. His 43 pieces of artworks range from traditional Chinese Ink Painting of fishes, birds, and flowers to abstract art of a minority tribe in New Zealand.


Simple Opening Tea Reception on 10/10/2015, 3pm.

We welcome all the art lovers to the exhibition.

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Event Name : 印象、色彩 - 绕维崙个展 Event Start Date : 15 - Aug - 2015 Event End Date : 15 - Sep - 2015 Event Location : 1 Coleman Street, #B1-31 The Adelphi, Singapore 179803 Hits: 4486

ART TALK by Ngiao Will Laon
Date: 29/08/2015 (Saturday)
Venue: 1 Coleman Street, The Adelphi #1-31, S 179803.
Time: 3pm - 4.30pm
Register at 8268 5299
$4 per pax, limited to 10 people.

Ngiao Will Laon will be giving an insight of his abstraction inspiration in a small group interactive dialogue.

绕维崙生于一九七一年,毕业于吉隆坡美术学院(KLCA)。在美专毕业后,绕维崙投入大量时间从事美术教育与创作,他热爱艺术创作并希望有朝一日自己的作品能走向国际。这几年来除了举办多次联展于个展,作品也受各外国机构收藏。大唐艺苑为绕维崙举办第二次新加坡个展。在这次的展出作品,画家应用丰富、大胆、创新的手法注入创作中。无论从冈景、花卉、城市景象到抽象表现主义,在他的作品中充满各种印象色彩、视觉叙述,并以多层次的色调、明亮的色彩让画作拥有明亮的色彩足迹。观看绕维崙的作品会想起康丁斯基(Wassily Kandinsky 1866-1944)的作品《点线至平面》,采用色彩重叠、应用点线面结合色彩表现出无限的遐想空间,画家希望从传统的技法寻求新的视觉艺术符号并展现不同的媒介表现手法。借此机会大唐艺苑衷心祝愿绕维崙先生画展成功。
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Event Name : Event Start Date : 17 - Jul - 2015 Event End Date : 31 - Aug - 2015 Event Location : 1 Coleman Street, #B1-31 The Adelphi, Singapore 179803 Hits: 2439
Special offer to age 50years and above, Singapore Citizen / Permanent Residents, effecive from now till 31/8/2005.
  • 15% discount off all original artwork.
  • Free Delivery & Framing of Artwork.
  • Free $50 meal voucher / $1000 purchase.
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Event Name : 朱庆光、朱爱伦 艺术联展 Event Start Date : 24 - Jun - 2015 Event End Date : 25 - Jul - 2015 Event Location : 1 Coleman Street, #B1-31 The Adelphi, Singapore 179803 Hits: 7531

Choo Keng Kwang & Choo Ai Loon Oil Painting Art Exhibition is extended and held at 1 Coleman Street, The Adelphi, #B1-31.

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Event Name : 彩墨神韵 -赖瑞龙与范少华艺术作品展 Event Start Date : 29 - May - 2015 Event End Date : 22 - Jun - 2015 Event Location : 1 Coleman Street, #B1-31 The Adelphi, Singapore 179803 Hits: 4391
大唐艺苑为大家带来两位新加坡著名画家 - 赖瑞龙 与 范少华 的彩墨和油画作品展
赖瑞龙 (生于1946年)新加坡当代水墨画实力派画家。他师承海派,融合岭南,立足南洋,历四十多年的苦练,打下深厚的基础,拓出深厚,奔放,个性鲜明的水墨世界。他的画作墨色千变万化,气韵生动,水墨淋漓贯穿整个画家,给人一种清气照人,爽朗的韵味创作继承传统的梅兰竹石,花鸟草虫,但他追求自然,大胆用色,笔触多变,层面缤纷,融入南洋特色,倍添情趣,这就是赖瑞龙笔墨动人之处。
范少华 (生于1963年)看范少华的作品有一种强烈的视觉冲极力。这力量来自画家积极的创作热情,他给传统水墨画注入新生命,写意的手法融入在他结合了传统水墨的长处和现代的抽象语言探索自然的调和,呈现丰富的质感,创出一种全新的视觉享受。范少华是位多才多艺,性情温和,纯朴。他的艺术生产中有着一股力求完美有着精湛的写实功力,在他追求蜕变的过程中,有着强烈的构思气魄,画中揉和了褶皱肌理效果增添作品中的姿态。一位艺术家的贡献,在于它的学养和追求, 满有抱负的他,定有一番成就,这种成就已在他的作品中显现无疑。这20多年来分别在北京、香港、澳门、马来西亚、法国、日本、新加坡举办画展。
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Event Name : 母爱与童年的绘画 Event Start Date : 08 - May - 2015 Event End Date : 31 - May - 2015 Event Location : 1 Coleman Street, #B1-31 The Adelphi, Singapore 179803 Hits: 3146

Grace Lim & Elley Tan (Malaysian Artists) bring to you
the simplicity joy of Childhood and the lovely moment of
Parental Relationship.
There are original artwork and print for this special event
 "MOTHER'S DAY"    Wishing all mothers: 
"Blessed Mother's Day with Joy and Peace".
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Event Name : 把光留住 - 龙都大酒店呈现吴瑞源水彩画展 Event Start Date : 13 - Apr - 2015 Event End Date : 30 - Jun - 2015 Event Location : 9 Bras Basah Road, Singapore 189559 Hits: 3256
This is the second collaboration with Rendezvous Hotel Singapore to present to you Goh Siew Guan's watercolour painting entitle Capturing the Light. Total of 20 pieces painting have been display at Rendezvous Hotel Singapore for viewing and sale.
GOH Siew Guan (b. 1942) – Singaporean. Mr Goh served diligently as a full-time art educator for three decades with the Ministry of Education (MOE). After his recent retirement from MOE, he devotes more time to paint. He specializes in watercolour with nature as the subject. His mastery in art and excellent technical control in the application of water and colours, transforms not only the highly visual aspects of nature but also infusing sentiments and emotions into his artwork. Truly, a maestro in watercolour painting!

“Nature and Serenity are the themes of my previous two solo art exhibitions. I was mesmerized by nature, especially forests, undergrowth, mountains, rivers, village life and the simplicity of life. Indeed, I was greatly inspired by all these sights, to compel the deep desire to transfer to my drawings such passion and emotion that had stirred in my spirit. These are the common objects in my artworks. In this third solo exhibition, besides the same focus of the two original themes, I desire to place more emphasis on ‘light’ and ‘brilliance’ on my creations.  “Capturing The Light” – the focus of this exhibition, strives to create a common voice in testifying the beautiful interplay of light and brilliance in my artwork.” commented by Mr. Goh Siew Guan.

There are twenty pieces of watercolour paintings in this exhibition, featuring nature, fishing villages of Malaysia and Indonesia, seaside landscape, terraced farming, and the trees, rocks and flowers. We warmly welcome your patronage.

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