Song of Nature - Oils by 6 Northern China Artists

Event Name : 大自然的颂歌 - 六油画家联展 Event Start Date : 05 - Mar - 2014 Event End Date : 29 - Mar - 2014 Event Location : 1 North Bridge Road, #B1-09 High Street Centre, Singapore 17
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大自然的颂歌 - 六油画家联展
Period :
22 days
Start Date :
End Date :
Address 1 :
1 North Bridge Road, #B1-09 High Street Centre, Singapore 179094
82685299 / 63339628
Showcasing 30 pieces of oil paintings featuring the raw beauty of nature by six established artists from Northern China. Chen Lian Jun, Ge Shu Qing, Wang Xin Jie, Teng Sheng Mao, Zhao Shi Hua and Zhu Fu, each displaying their strong foundation in realism and romantic realism, integrating strong flavour of impressionistic style with usage of strong colours.
Their dedication and commitment to landscape painting is clearly manifested in their individual unique style to express the fresh atmospheric beauty of the mountains and landscape. Their works possess realism, but more than that, they go beyond the surface appearance of the natural landscape and reveal the essence, aura and rhythm of nature in all its magnificence. The mountains, rivers, and skies and their essence have been internalized fully by the six artists through decades of immersion in the natural environment, for weeks and months at a time. Thus enabling them to translate this energy and emotion into their paintings, which become “The Song of Nature”. When viewing their paintings, one would get the sensation of  being immersed in the splendour of God’s creation! 
In this March 2014, we hope to share with you ‘The Song of Nature’. May your spirits be rejuvenated in this flourishing season of Spring! 

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