Adorable Giant Panda Art Exhibition by Huang Xiong Wen

Event Name : 国宝 - 熊猫百态写生油画展 - 黄雄文 Event Start Date : 20 - Jul - 2013 Event End Date : 05 - Aug - 2013 Event Location : 1 North Bridge Road, #B1-09 High Street Centre, Singapore 17
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国宝 - 熊猫百态写生油画展 - 黄雄文
Period :
17 days
Start Date :
End Date :
Address 1 :
1 North Bridge Road, #B1-09 High Street Centre, Singapore 179094
82685299 / 63339628

Huang Xiong Wen is a successful professional painter, graduated in 1992 from the faculty of Fine Arts in Guangxi Normal University, majored in oil painting. He is known for painting human figures, animals and landscapes. Recently, he has smartly created thirty pieces of oil painting depicting the graceful life of the giant panda, the national treasure of China.



黄雄文 是一位成功的职业画家,1992年毕业于广西师范大学美术学院。主修油画, 以人物、风景和动物画见长。勤奋创作一直是他的作画方式,绘画不是追随自然,而是 和自然平行的工作。其作品曾多次被选参加国内外重大展出。 2000、2002、2009、2012年,四次在新加坡举行个人画展。许多黄雄文的油画佳作被  国内外艺术团体、公司机构及个人收藏;他也曾被邀为中国多家星 级酒店设计、制作 大型 壁画。 最近他精心绘制了三十幅油画作品, 描绘中国国宝熊猫的各种优美生活姿态,栩栩如生,非常难得。




Supported by: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Beneficiary: China Conservation & Research Centre for Giant Panda

(Part of the proceeds from the art exhibition will be channelled to the beneficiary)

Artist Huang, Xiao Jiang Hua (Cultural Counselor)             Adeline, Howard, Mr. Xiao, Artist's wife, Artist               Artist, Artist's wife, Howard, Mr. Xiao, Grace, Johnny  
Chinese Embassy (Singapore), Artist daughter,
Artist's wife.

                 Mr Xiao signing on the guest book.                             Opening Ceremony, Howard giving a speech.                                Our Art Collector with Artist Huang

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