Missy 先生 - Artworks from our artist - William Ngiao

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From 12 Mar'14 to 9 Apr'14, some of our company's artworks (by William Ngiao Will Laon) will be shown in the Chinese Drama- “Missy 先生" (English Title -The Care Giver)  - the new 20-episodes Drama Serial.

Air time: 9pm to 10.00pm on Channel 8. (Mon to Fri).

The main casts of this serial consist of, 王沺裁Thomas Ong,童冰玉Tong Bing Yu,黄馨慧 Huang Xin Hui,谢宏辉James Seah胡佳琪 Hu Jia Qi,曹国辉Terence Cao,曾诗梅Priscelia Chan & 向云Xiang Yun. 

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