Mother's & Children's Love through Art

Event Name : 母爱与童年的绘画 Event Start Date : 08 - May - 2015 Event End Date : 31 - May - 2015 Event Location : 1 Coleman Street, #B1-31 The Adelphi, Singapore 179803 Hits: 3186
Period :
24 days
Start Date :
End Date :
Address 1 :
1 Coleman Street, #B1-31 The Adelphi, Singapore 179803
6738 3268 / 8268 5299

Grace Lim & Elley Tan (Malaysian Artists) bring to you
the simplicity joy of Childhood and the lovely moment of
Parental Relationship.
There are original artwork and print for this special event
 "MOTHER'S DAY"    Wishing all mothers: 
"Blessed Mother's Day with Joy and Peace".

  Grace Lim  林秀彩 

    Elley Tan  陈镇发
The beauty and simplicity of childhood of the past have always fascinated me. The idea of fun and play captured in my paintings contrasts starkly with today’s digital play sense. It is my personal mission to record the disappearing items of play and daily life before they are overtaken by fast-moving urbanization and technology. Through my paintings, I hope to visual-record history and interpret it in contemporary style.

早期年代的童年所走过简朴美丽的背影回忆常常吸引了我.在我的画中所描绘童年时乐趣玩物和用物和现今数码游戏成了很大对比. 这是我个人的使命将被当今快速发展和变化前, 以画来记录即将消失古旧童玩事物和每日用品. 通过现代画方式以视觉扑捉历史.

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